When special circumstances require help beyond small groups and addiction support groups, we can provide short term counseling. Our counseling team is highly qualified spiritually, educationally, and experientially to help work through your situation and provide effective Biblically based perspectives and strategies. We offer individual, crisis, marriage and family counseling.

If you are an active attendee of The Chapel and find yourself in need of short term counseling, you may call our office at 716.631.2636 x201 and schedule an appointment.

Pre-Engagement Counseling

Our hope as a ministry is to have dating couples who are considering marriage to consider and be aware of the commitment they are contemplating—not only for them to approach the consideration of marriage with eyes wide open but to understand God’s purpose and intent for marriage.

If you are interested in receiving pre-engagement counseling, the information below explains the topics that will be reviewed as well as next steps to setting up an appointment:

Step 1
Each person is to complete a PDI (personal data inventory) assessment form prior to the first meeting. You may obtain this by calling our office at 716.631.2636 or email Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Purchase the book: “101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged” by H. Norman Wright, (available in our bookstore at the CrossPoint Campus).

Step 2 - initial meeting focus area

  • Understanding the covenant of marriage
  • Moving forward in marriage
  • Communication between you and your partner

Step 3 - follow up meeting

  • Review your responses to the focus areas covered in the initial meeting
  • Marriage classes and resources available

Pre-Marital Counseling

Our hope is to have engaged couples consider and be aware of the full weight of the commitment they are making. We know that the covenant of marriage is incredibly meaningful and significant and requires a level of investment on the front end to ensure a strong foundation is being built prior to the commitment being made.

For all couples considering marriage at or through the ministries of The Chapel, you will need to participate in three meetings with the pastor who will officiate your ceremony (or their designate). The information below explains our pre-marriage requirements and counseling approach to include topics that will be reviewed as well as next steps:

There are three requirements for getting married at The Chapel:

  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior
  • Living pure and in separate residences
  • Six month attendance at The Chapel prior to wedding date

You may contact our office at 716.631.2636 or by email Enable JavaScript to view protected content. to schedule a date and your pre-marriage counseling appointments.

Prior to your first counseling session, please purchase the book “12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry” by Clayton & Charie King, (available in our bookstore at the CrossPoint Campus) and read the first four chapters of the book.

You will have three counseling sessions will include the following focus areas:

Session 1:
Are you willing to grow up?
Are you on the same page spiritually?
Have you talked about money?
Will you tell the truth?

Session 2:
Will you commit?
Are you compatible?
Have you communicated your expectations?
Are you willing to marry an entire family?

Session 3:
Are you willing to mutually submit?
Will you give respect?
Are you ready for love?
Are you ready for physical intimacy?

The Chapel wants to see healthy marriages in our community and we provide multiple opportunities throughout the year for couples to continually invest in their marriage. As newlyweds, we strongly encourage you to get in a small group and connect to other married couples whether informally through friendships or more formally in mentoring relationships.