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The Chapel Single Adult Ministry provides opportunities and environments to build meaningful relationships and facilitate spiritual formation for unmarried adults over 30. We exist to equip single adults with the tools they need to ensure that every man, woman, and child, within their domain, has repeated opportunity to see and hear the Gospel.


March was another great month of Singles Ministry as we studied God's Word together and had much fellowship and fun.  Below is a summary of what we did in March. 


On Thursday, March 6, our Special Guest Speaker was Pastor David Drake, who serves as the Counseling Pastor at The Chapel.  Pastor David continued the "Fruit of the Spirit" series with a very insightful and practical Bible Study on the sixth fruit, Goodness.  He defined Goodness as being the uprightness of heart and life that leads to a disposition of "love in action" toward others.  Pastor David noted that obedience leads to freedom and disobedience leads to bondage/slavery.  Furthermore, all of these Fruits of the Spirit are not a checklist, but rather, represent the outcomes of God working in our lives, and people seeing Jesus in us.  Specifically, the physical result is that needs are met and the spiritual result is that the Word of God is spread.  As always, it was great to have Pastor David speaking at the Bible Study and being able to benefit from the wisdom he has acquired from many years of studying God's Word and doing Christian Counseling.  


On Thursday, March 13, Joe Grippi continued the "24" Discipleship Series with a lesson entitled, "Forgive as you've been forgiven."  Joe is the Ministry Coordinator for the Single Adult Ministry and the Renovation Institute at The Chapel.  Using the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant as his main text, (i.e. Matt. 18:21-35), Joe defined Forgiveness as being when a person takes an actual or perceived sin, wrong, or offense, committed against him or her and fully submits it to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Divine Providence as the ultimate dispenser of grace, mercy, and judgment. He emphasized that the key elements of forgiveness are; it is unconditional, it is a unilateral action on the part of the offended person, and ultimately, it is not about you or the offending person, but is all about a holy and righteous God that has been offended.  Joe also emphasized how Forgiveness must not be confused with reconciliation, restitution, or a minimizaton, re-labeling, or denial of sin.  Furthermore, he showed from God's Word how we are commanded to forgive, how it is always hypocrisy to not forgive someone, and that while we are in a state of unforgiveness, we are still a victim and are not fully free to live in God's Grace. In conclusion, Joe showed how when the forgiveness that can only come from a Spirit filled life becomes who we are as Christ followers, even the Lord Jesus Christ may stand up and command us!


On Thursday, March 20, another insightful lesson from the "24" Discipleship Series was done by Pastor Deone entitled, "Be a person of your word." He described this person as being someone you can trust because you know they will do what they said they would do.  The main idea of this lesson was integrity in speech happens when my words match my intent.  Pastor Deone warned us that we are never more like the Devil than when we are killing or lying, (i.e. John 8:44).  The three big warnings that Pastor Deone concluded his lesson with were : (1) Avoid the speech impediment of not delivering on a promise because anything other than God directing you a different way is unacceptable, (2) Avoid the speech impediment of using sarcasm to hide your heart's true feelings, (3) Avoid the speech impediment of exaggeration. 


On Thursday, March 27, the lesson to close out the month from our "24" Discipleship Series was, "Live an 'aware' life."  The big idea of Pastor Deone's lesson was that Jesus wants His followers alert - to what He's doing and what the enemy will try to do.  He emphasized that first, we must watch out for false teachers who; say that Jesus is not the only way to God, or teach a health and prosperity Gospel, or say I have a word from God that He directly communicated to me.  Secondly, he warned to watch out for greed that will; want more than is yours to have, or believe that life is defined by what you have, or prevent you from being able to be generous.  Lastly and most importantly, he warned we must watch out for the temptation that can destroy you.  Pastor Deone astutely noted that we often don't commit "new" sins, but rather, commit many of the same sins over and over again in the areas that are the weaknesses in our lives! 


Below is a summary of meetings and activities scheduled for April:


April 3 @ 7:00pm: "The Fruit of the Spirit is Faithfulness." Our Special Guest Speaker is Pastor Wayne Aarum.  Pastor Wayne formerly was on the staff at The Chapel and we believe that anyone who knows Wayne would agree that he is an excellent communicator of God's Word.  He has spoken at Mosaic Singles Bible Studies before and it is always a special evening as he brings an enthusiastic, but no-nonsence approach to the truths of God's Word.  You won't want to miss this!


April 10 @ 7:00pm: The "24" Discipleship Series continues with, "Make accurate evaluations." 


April 17 @ 7:00pm: The "24" Discipleship Series continues with, "Be a servant."


April 24 @ 6:30pm: This is our annual Spring Breakout dinner.  Tickets are available for just $8.00.  Please see the "EVENTS" tab for more information or to purchase your ticket.


Please note that on the first Thursday of the month, the format will normally consist of first having some Praise and Worship Time with our Praise Band, followed by a Special Guest Speaker to continue the Fruit of the Spirit Series, and then an informal Dessert Social to conclude the evening.  On most of the other Thursdays, we will begin with Praise Time with our Praise Band, followed by teaching from our Singles Pastor, Deone Drake, who will be doing the "24" Series.  The objective of this series is to try to share 24 of the most important truths that we believe Jesus would want to share if He was only going to spend 24 hours with us. These evenings will conclude with discussion time around the tables and dessert fellowship.  


On the remaining Thursday evenings, we will have a dinner served at 6:30pm and depending on the evening, it will either be followed by a Bible Study or a specially planned program of fellowship.  I refer the reader to our Calendar tab on this webpage for more details on all scheduled Singles Ministry activities. Likewise, all Thursday Evening Bible Studies from both our "Fruit of the Spirit" and "24" Discipleship Series are recorded and uploaded to this webpage. Please see the Message Archives Tab.


Please note that on the second Saturday of each month, we have our Monthly Fun Nights at The Apex building at the CrossPoint Campus from 7:00pm-10:00pm. Our next meeting night will be May 10.  The cover charge is only $2.00 to cover the cost of refreshments and we play Volleyball, Billiards, Ping Pong, Wii, Board Games, Card Games, etc. All singles are welcome.  The Apex Building is on 2435 Hopkins Road, across from the East Entrance of The Chapel.  You must access the building from Hopkins Road.  If travelling North on Millersport Hwy., it is a Left Turn on Hopkins.  If travelling South on Millersport Hwy., it is a Right Turn on Hopkins.


Also, please note that all Singles Events and Bible Studies take place in the East Worship Center at the CrossPoint Campus, unless noted otherwise.


Childcare is also available if you request it from Joe Grippi by 5:00pm on Wednesday, the day before the Bible Study.  On Thursday evening, the childcare is provided from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in the Kingsworld Atrium. The cost is just a one-time fee of $10.00 and the childcare is available every Thursday we meet throughout the calendar year.  You can also choose to pay $2.00 for each time.  To request childcare, Joe can be contacted at or 716.631.2636 x276.  To prepay online for the calendar year, go to


Save the date:

Sunday, May 25 from 2:00pm-8:00pm : WNY Singles Memorial Day Picnic (Randall Baptist Church on 6301 Main Street in Williamsville)

Thursday, June 26 @ 6:30pm : Annual Steak-n-Corn Roast  (East Worship Center at The Chapel @ CrossPoint)

Saturday, July 26 from 9:00am to 5:00pm : WNY Christian Singles Summit (The Apex building at The Chapel at CrossPoint)

Joe Grippi
Ministry Coordinator
716.631.2636 x276
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