God is on mission in this world to reach every man, woman, and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has been and continues to be His plan – the Missio Dei. Incredibly, God has invited His Church that is the redeemed in Christ to join Him on this incredible mission! At The Chapel, we understand this, noting that with God’s sovereignty there is but one Church with many local expressions tasked with completing that which He desires to accomplish. As part of the global Church under the Lordship of Jesus, The Chapel believes it has a role specifically and collectively in what God is doing locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Kingdom Come at The Chapel exists to enable The Chapel to engage in the world as we work alongside others to join God in His mission.

More specifically, Kingdom Come is focused to catalyze and facilitate our mission to ensure that every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to hear, see, experience, and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. God has given us influence as well as a sense of responsibility – locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. As a result, Kingdom Come has become one of the primary ways we as individuals, and as a community of believers under the banner of The Chapel, express our convictions, support and obedience. We participate in Kingdom Come first and foremost by faith. We believe God is at work and that He desires to use all of His people to accomplish His mission, not just a few. Accordingly, we all have a role to play. So, we participate in Kingdom Come annually through prayer – praying for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts of those that have yet to respond to the gospel, praying for those who labor on behalf of the gospel, praying for wisdom and vision as it relates to where, who and what we do and with whom, and praying for God to provide resources both people and funding to fuel His mission. We also participate in Kingdom Come through giving. We give of our time, our talents and giftings, and our resources. We do so again, based on faith; if God asks we go and if God gives we pass it on. If you wish to learn more about Kingdom Come and find out additional ways to get involved, visit our ministry page.