Allison Granger

Children's Ministry Director

Office: 716.631.2636 x236

My Story

I am a home grown PK (Preacher’s Kid) from Orchard Park, NY. I was blessed to be raised in a loving, Christian home. My faith seemed solid until my early 30’s, when my husband and I struggled with multiple miscarriages and then after a very healthy pregnancy, our first-born son died. I questioned God’s plan for my life, which quickly spiraled into my questioning God’s love for me. I separated myself from Him almost completely. Within the next year, we were blessed with another son, and although he struggled during the first few months, he became strong and very healthy. I had convinced myself that joy would return to my life with the presence of a child in my arms, but I found that my grief and loneliness were stronger than ever. I wasn’t simply grieving the loss of my son, but I realized I was also grieving the loss of my relationship with Jesus. My husband and I went through a rough time of poor communication and searching for the joy we once knew. Out of desperation, we finally turned back to Jesus and very quickly, everything that was wrong was made right. I am now able to look back and see that God wanted me to go through those sad years. He had so much to teach me and He has blessed my life more abundantly than I could have ever imagined. How could I ever have doubted His love for me? I now have such a confident trust in Him, knowing that whatever my circumstances, He is with me and He is FOR me!

More about me

Although this may sound corny, my favorite “hobby” is being a Wife and Mother! My favorite days are spent in my kitchen cooking and doing laundry for my husband, Curt, and two sons, Ty and Clay. I know, corny! We love opening our home and entertaining friends. Family dinners, game nights, and shared laughter are my favorite blessings!