Brian Yak

Worship Leader; Worship Identity Coordinator

Office: 716.631.2636 x285

My Story:

I was saved at a young age after listening to a radio program in the car with my mom on the way to the store to pick up groceries. I asked a few questions about what the preacher meant about sin and Jesus and my mom led me through a prayer accepting Christ. I grew up with four older siblings, Amanda, Dave, Steve, and Jenny. My parents raised each of us in a great Christian home. In hindsight, growing up in the church and in a Christian home, I always knew the right things to say but, I didn’t own my faith for myself until I rededicated my life to the Lord in college. At that point God took control of my life and slowly began to soften my heart to the call and the purpose I feel like He had on my life the whole time. I’d always dreamed of playing music professionally and dreamed of being known for MY songs, MY voice, or MY music and in the months that followed I found myself serving on worship teams and listening more and more to HIS voice, trying to write HIS songs and dreaming of HIS music for the church. I’m blessed to lead worship every Sunday with my wife, Christa and to call Buffalo home with her and our dog, Hazel.

More about me:

I love to play guitar, sing, write and read. I make furniture out of reclaimed wood sometimes and only shave for special occasions. My hope for our church is that we’ll be an expressive people; faithful in praising God for all He’s done and loudly proclaiming our hope in Him.