Christa Yak

Worship Leader; Community Coordinator

Office: 716.631.2636 x286

My Story

When I look back on my story, the evidence of God’s faithfulness through all of my days is overwhelming. I was brought up in a loving, Christian home in New York. My parents showed me what it looked like to love one another as Jesus loves us from the moment I was born. My father was a worship leader and some of my earliest memories are of him filling our home with music and worship. When I was seven years old, my dad was diagnosed with a brain tumor. One month after his diagnosis he passed away, leaving my mom, my one-year-old sister and me. My mom continued to raise us as a single mother and our faith & worship became a way for us to live with wholeness in the midst of brokenness. My mom started playing guitar and singing on our church’s worship team and my little sister and I would go with her to worship rehearsals and services. I started to sing with a youth praise team and my love for worship music continued to grow. I remember sensing the Presence of God’s Spirit for the first time while worshipping on a youth retreat and I was amazed. By the time I was in high school I was singing on the worship team every Sunday and I knew that I wanted to serve God & others through music and worship for the rest of my life. I left my home to attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and continued to grow as a musician & worship leader. While studying at Belmont, I met Brian and as our relationship grew we began collaborating musically. We realized that our stories both dealt with the loss of our earthly fathers and we knew that we wanted to work together to write & sing songs that lead people to our perfect Heavenly Father. Brian and I got married in April 2013 in Nashville and we continued to pursue our ministry called For the Fatherless and work on our first record. Less than a year into our marriage, we were packing up and leaving the only place we had known together to answer God’s call and move to Buffalo, NY. I am so grateful that I get to lead worship with my husband every week and call The Chapel our home. My prayer is that our church family would be known as a people who trust in our Father with all of our hearts and worship Him with thanksgiving for all that He has done and expectation for all that He is going to do.

More about me

I love singing, writing, photography, baking, being outdoors and spending time with my husband & our dog, Hazel.