David Drake

Community Care Pastor


Office: 716.631.2636 x258

My Story:

Most of my earliest memories were of being in church where I heard the gospel declared and remember being so in love with God, and His wonderful plan of salvation. I remember going to children’s camp and just wanting to get to know Him. However, as I grew older and reached my teenage years the bitterness and anger really began to really take its toll and I decided I was going to do what I wanted. Then after completing high school I ended up in the Army and eventually in Germany. It was there in the quietness of my barracks room in 1977 that I surrendered my life to Christ. As I began to immerse myself into the Word of God I began to not only understand how my life was being changed by the Holy Spirit working in me but I began to see how obedience to the Word of God was removing the anger and bitterness that I had felt through those previous teenage years. Years later, I now find myself after various ministry opportunities here at the church I love, serving in the capacity of counseling pastor. Every time I see God at work, changing the lives of people, transforming marriages, and lifting the burdens of the things that people have carried, I am continually reminded that it is all part of the great grace story that he is writing through me, through those we see develop into counselors and the lives we see changed. Like you, I was challenged by Pastor Daryl Largis to take our life verse and really press it into our lives. Philippians 1:21 has been my favorite for years; “For me to live is Christ, to die is gain.” Part of my grace story now is examining each day my life in comparison to that verse and I pray that my life will continually and gradually be more and more evidence that this verse is not just my favorite, but my LIFE VERSE.

More about me:

My wife Anne and I have been married for thirty-six years and have raised 6 children. Michael who is married to Michelle and they have three wonderful children; Matthew; Stephen who is married to Sarah and they have two terrific kids; Tim and his wife Jenny; and Jennifer and Jeremy. So, I would have to pick hanging out with them as my favorite hobby. Especially when we get to travel to such places as Utah, Hawaii, San Diego, Minnesota and Florida to see them. Other hobbies I have are going for walks, hiking, and reading.