Edwin Perez

CrossPoint Student Ministry Coordinator


Office: 716.631.2636 x282

My Story

I came to know Jesus Christ as a young boy. I was fortunate enough to have my family share the gospel with me and through that, I asked Jesus to come into my life. As a child, I evidently had a basic understanding of what that meant. However, I simply knew that I wanted Jesus. It was because of this decision and the incredible grace of God that my life would forever be changed.

More about me

I love music. Whether it is singing, writing, playing the guitar, I enjoy it all. I also enjoy watching and playing sports. I have played multiple sports throughout my life and have always been a sports fan. If I were to determine what my favorite sport would be, it would have to be the one that is in season at that time. I am recently married to my wife, Valerie. She is nothing less than awesome and I could not be more thankful for her. In addition, as far as my schooling is concerned, I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University at Buffalo in Health and Human Services. Also, this may or may not be an interesting fact, but I have a minor in Ethics from U.B. as well.