Jerry Gillis

Lead Pastor

Office: 716.631.2636 x203

My Story:

I was grateful that at a young age I was taken to church so that the seeds of the gospel might be planted. Though I wasn’t involved in the church, and was a Sunday-only kind of kid, those seeds eventually took root. After paying very little attention to God and deciding to do life the way I wanted it done as a college student, I came face to face with Jesus through the courage of a longtime friend who shared the reality of Jesus with me. At the age of nineteen, my life was irreversibly altered by Christ. After about a year of walking with Jesus, I sensed God’s call to vocational ministry and the preaching of the gospel. My vocational ministry has taken me from a church in Georgia to a church in SW Florida, and ultimately to Buffalo, NY. It is one of my great privileges in life to serve Jesus’s church here since 2002.

More about me:

I’ve been married to Edie since 1993. We have two children that are a source of joy, laughter and blessing to both of us. I like to read broadly, exercise sporadically while making you think I do it religiously, and watch or coach sports energetically. Baseball is my true sporting love. Football ranks high too. I can’t get into curling though. Herschel Walker and Hank Aaron are two of my favorite athletes ever. There should be a ticket charge just to watch their highlights.

My great hope is that my life can be leveraged by God in such a way that others will personally see Jesus in me, and that I can lead and inspire others to live out the fullness of their life in Christ as they join Him on His mission in the world.