Jon Grimaldi

Lockport Campus Pastor

Office: 716.631.2636 x262

My Story

I am Buffalo born and raised and was blessed to grow up with parents who were passionate about Jesus and involved in church. I asked Christ into my heart at the age of seven during a Sunday school class, but struggled to comprehend what the whole faith thing meant outside of my desire to end up in heaven. Despite having a Christian family and friends around me, I would not discover the relationship that Jesus desired to have with me until later in life. Upon entering college, a number of difficult circumstance resulted in my family leaving the church we had been attending, and the faith I had built began to crumble. During that time, I started searching for who God really was and what he desired for my life. It was then that my eyes became open to the various people whom God had placed in my life, who were showing me what a relationship with Jesus looked like.

In 2009, my family joined The Chapel and I connected with an eGroup at Vintage. There, I learned what true discipleship was as I was encouraged by young men around me. For the first time I understood the mission behind a life of love and service. Since then, my faith and trust in Christ has continued to grow. In 2012, God opened the door for me to join the student ministry team, where I serve alongside other great men and women with a passion to inspire students to daily follow Christ and compel other to do the same.

More about me

I am married to my beautiful wife Kristen who shares with me an appreciation for nature and adventure. We enjoy anything outdoors including hiking, kayaking, and camping. We love watching Bills games with the family, board game nights with friends, and anything that involves coffee.