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Often we find ourselves involved so much in our own happenings that we forget to consider what is happening in the world in which we live. Sure, we watch the news and follow a Twitter feed but at the end of the day our gaze can become more and more short-sighted. As such, it is good from time to time to get a different perspective or at least recalibrate the one we hold.

We understand God is at work for we see it every day especially if we pay attention as we look in the mirror and remember God's Word. So, just as it is with us so it is with others all over the world. God is active, He is on mission to reach every man, every woman, every boy, and every girl with His redemptive message found only in Jesus. This is not a new mission for it has been part of His plan since before the beginning. Furthermore, because it is His mission, He expects and, in fact, has invited His people who are under the lordship of Jesus to join Him on this mission.

So, it is good for us to recalibrate our perspective to this reality. To see and to hear how God has worked in the world through His people, is currently working in the world through His people, and preparing to work through His people in the world as He accomplishes and eventually completes His redemptive mission. This global yet local perspective can be achieved through a variety of means given The Chapel's partnerships and work around the world but assuredly as expansive as it is, it only touches a fraction of what God is doing. There is more to learn and more to discover as it relates to what God is doing around the world.

Fortunately, one does not have to go to all of these distant lands to get an idea of what is happening. Doing so, while highly beneficial for sure, is not overly practical for many. So, is it possible for these distant lands to come to us? It is in a certain kind of way. There is now a great way to get a solid perspective of the World Christian Movement in a formal classroom setting. This instructive environment is part of a national ministry taught by 15 globally experienced ministry leaders that take participants on a 15-week journey through Scripture looking at the missiological underpinnings of the biblical narrative as well as to better understand the historical movement of the gospel through nations and people groups, including those yet to be touched but needing to be reached tomorrow. This course then ends by exploring the role of each person in this grand story of God as He continues on His mission.

I personally took a version of this course while attending seminary a couple of years ago and can vouch for its ability to recalibrate and even reset one's perspective of the world in which we live, and how God is working in the midst of it through His people. So, if you are interested in learning more about participating in this class, I encourage you to take the next steps. This class will be offered at Randall Church beginning in mid-January. The classes run every Monday night from 6pm to 9pm. For more information, please contact Vicki LaBarthe or Morgan Middleton at or visit You can receive college credit for this class if you so choose.

Many blessings to you and may your perspective of the world be one filled awe, wonder, intrigue, passion and urgency in relation to what God has done, is doing, and desires to do with all of Christ's people including you and me.

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Subject: Perspectives . . .

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