Find A Group

Why join a small group?

Small groups give you the opportunity to spend time growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ alongside other Christ followers. This is something we value deeply at The Chapel, and while it isn’t the only way to get plugged in, it certainly is a great way to do so. We call our small groups “Circle Groups”. They are a place where lives are shared and biblical truth is unpacked at a deeper level and in a smaller community than what you would experience on a Sunday.

Where do groups meet?

Typically, small groups meet in homes throughout the course of the week. We have found that when people open up their home, it offers people an opportunity to get to know others in a safe environment. Over time, as trust is gained with relationships, people open up about what is going on personally and spiritually in their lives, and the home of a host has seemed to work incredibly well in providing people with a great place to do that.

What types of curriculum do the groups use?

We are encouraging all small groups to study the Discipleship content that was developed by the leadership team at The Chapel. View our suggested curriculum for 2017.

What is the Discipleship content?

The Discipleship content is our best attempt to help every person that calls The Chapel their home church, understand the DNA that we feel called by God to encourage people toward. We see the need for spiritual formation and for missional engagement in the life of a disciple, and that evidence is provided for us through the scriptures… repeatedly. In terms of spiritual formation, we feel as if the scriptures point to the need for building intimacy with God, building Christ-like relationships, discovering and utilizing one’s spiritual gifts, and discovering and utilizing one’s grace story. As those things are cultivated in someone’s life spiritually, we believe that it will help them to repeatedly and faithfully identify, pray, engage, and share the truth of the gospel with people that God has put them around geographically and in their sphere of influence (work, family, friends, etc). The Discipleship content is a 10 week focus on cultivating this very DNA.