Introduction To Biblical Counseling

From 8/27/2019 to 10/15/2019, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

CrossPoint Campus - Renovation Institute Lecture Hall
500 CrossPoint Parkway, Getzville, NY 14068

This class is designed to establish a biblical understanding and foundation for dealing with the problems of life.  Some of the topics covered in Introduction to Biblical Counseling are: a secular view vs. biblical view of problems; problems and one’s view of God; transformation vs. behavioral modification; sufficiency of the Bible in solving problems; how crisis can lead to change; biblical approaches to dealing with people; differences between tests and tribulations and developing helping relationships.

Please note that registration closes on Sunday, August 25, and there is a $25 Late Fee after Sunday, August 18.  The $80 Charge consists of $75 for Tuition and $5 for the Course Workbook.  The student is expected to purchase the textbook, which is Curing The Heart by Howard Eyrich and Willian Hines and can be purchased online at or

For more information, please contact Joe Grippi at send a message .

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Subject: Introduction To Biblical Counseling

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