Pre-Engagement/Pre-Marital PDI Form

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1.   Diagnostic Tools: We use helpful counseling forms such as this Personal Data Information form and other aids to gain an understanding of the central problems a person is experiencing. 

2.   Intent Listening: We encourage the counselee to speak his/her mind in an appropriate fashion and to discuss thoughts, anxieties, resentments, and fears so that the counselor will have a clear understanding of the central problems.

3.   Assignments: Counselees make more rapid progress when they are required to study or to perform specific informational or behavioral assignments which pertain to the problem. We tailor these assignments to the individual counselee and the circumstances.

4.   Accountability: We are not interested in wasting the time of the counselors or the counselees. We are interested in believers learning how to experience the peace and joy that result from a walk of thankful obedience to God's Word, and we hold the counselees accountable for doing the assignments on schedule.

How long does biblical counseling take?

Typically pre-engagement is 3 weeks and pre-marriage is 4 weeks unless you and the counselor see benefit in more.

How much does it cost?

Counseling is a ministry of The Chapel available for those who attend one service a week and/or attend one of The Chapel' Partner Churches. Biblical Counseling is provided for those at no cost. Donations to the Counseling Ministry are always welcome.

About confidentiality

We are careful to protect each counselee's confidentiality. There are times, however, when a counselor must consult with other counselors for advice. If information is revealed in counseling which indicates a genuine potential for harm to a counselee or others, the counselor may be required by law or biblical mandate to share that information with the appropriate authorities or family members.

The Chapel is on mission to reach every Man, Woman & Child with repeated opportunities to hear and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ



I affirm the accuracy of the personal information provided herein, and have read the information above and agree to the conditions set forth therein. I hereby agree to the following conditions:

1.     I will keep the appointment time, or will call to cancel 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible in an emergency with a legitimate reason.

2.     I will fulfill any assignments.

3.     I will attend The Chapel each Sunday while I am in counseling.

4.     I understand that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in the case of information as indicated above.