The Dream Team is made up of every volunteer that serves people from 5th grade through the age of 25. Every person has a position, every position has a purpose. There are many places and ways to serve, but we all share the same mission: that Every One has Every Opportunity to hear and experience the love of Jesus. Follow the steps below to join the Dream Team. 


Understand the Positions

Hosts provide welcoming atmospheres. They serve in the Cafe, as Greeters, and set up/clean up our environments.

Cast Members create engaging experiences. They make up the Media team, Emcees, Band, Speaker Team, and Tech Crew.

Guides foster lasting relationships by making sure that every one is known and cared for through age and gender oriented Community Groups.


Fill out an interest form.

This isn't a contract to serve, it is a way for you to see the options and get connected to the right person, who will reach out for an in-person conversation about next steps. This should take about 3 minutes.

Fill out the form


Kick back and hold tight

We will reach out within a few days to set up an interview and to provide the info you need to fill out an official application, authorize a background check, and set up a day to come shadow one of our volunteer coaches for a day!