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We see Social Distancing as an opportunity to connect with each other and try to add some laughter and fun into our homes during a time of uncertainty. Here are some games we have created, and some links to other places where you can find things to do as a family!


Family Games

Family Masterpiece

Draw a picture as a family, working together to pull and release multiple strings attached to a single marker.


Count Me Out

Attempt to count the number of items on an object or picture while family members distract you.


Paper Putt

Throw a paper airplane into a cup in as little throws as possible, just like putt-putt!


Measure Pressure

Use a tape measure to land a small object in one of 3 containers.


Lily Pad Race

Race around your house stepping on pieces of paper along the way! 


Random Junk Basketball

Find objects around your house to shoot into baskets... Laundry baskets that is!



Other Fun Resources

Get Crafty!

Check out this page we found with lots of great craft ideas for families.

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