What is the Raise Campaign?

An estimated 40.3 million victims are trapped in modern-day slavery. A large number of these humans are women and children. We as a community and a generation cannot sit in silence and ignore the injustice and oppression that happens around us. Every year, Vintage, the college-age group of The Chapel participates in a Freedom campaign where we raise awareness and funds about the evil of human trafficking. We partner specifically with AIM (aimfree.org) a not-for-profit organization that is on the frontlines of fighting child trafficking in Cambodia, which many consider being the epicenter of child trafficking and beyond. They accomplish this through a holistic approach to rescuing, restoring, and reintegrating survivors of trafficking and preventing sexual slavery, AIM seeks to meet survivors' spiritual, emotional, social, educational, and physical needs. We are RAISING our voices for freedom! We want to RAISE their rescue and you can RAISE too (see below)

How you can raise their rescue

  1. Get the word out. Share this link with all of your friends and family. Post it on your Facebook. Snap about it. Share an Instagram story with your friends. Tell your classmates and co-workers about Raise.
  2. You can donate money right on this page and all of it will go to AIM to aid their efforts in the fight against trafficking and sex slavery.

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