What is the Raise Campaign?

With more than 40 million people in slavery today, human trafficking is a 99 billion dollar industry. We, as a generation, can no longer sit back and allow this evil to continue. We want to fight for their freedom. Our goal is to raise awareness to those around us that this harsh reality must be stopped and to raise support for those who are already fighting this evil head on. Vintage has teamed up with Agape International Missions, an organization stationed in Cambodia – the epicenter of child sex trafficking. They seek to rescue young girls from the bondage of slavery and restore them with new life skills and a hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Please join us in the fight for the lives of these precious people!

How you can raise their rescue

  1. Share this link with all of your friends. Post it on your Facebook. Snap about it. Share an Instagram story with your friends. Tell your classmates and co-workers about Raise.
  2. You can donate money right on this page and all of it will go over to Agape in Cambodia to aid their efforts in the fight against sex slavery.

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