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Series: Sweet Fruit for Sour Times

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Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group provide a brief, 2-minute summary of Sunday’s Teaching. 

  1. When you are unsettled, anxious, and lacking peace, what is your usual way of responding? In other words, what is your typical reflex to being troubled?   

  1. What is the connection between experiencing the peace of God and actively trusting God? Why do the two go together? 

  1. Read John 14:27. Why is the peace that Jesus gives different from what the world can offer? How can you lean into Him this week and experience His peace, even when circumstances aren’t peaceful?  

  1. What is one action step that you can take in light of Sunday’s message and our conversation today? 


Prayer Request

Please know that your requests and praises are emailed out daily to a group of diligent Chapel prayer partners.

If you would like to be contacted personally, please include your phone number or email address in the space provided. To assure confidentiality, your contact information will only be made available to The Chapel ministry team and will not be included in the outgoing email as part of your prayer request.

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