safety & security

In line with God's mission for His church to reach every man, woman and child with the good news of Jesus, The Chapel is committed to providing a safe environment for ministry to occur for everyone, including vulnerable children and adults. On this page, you will find our current documented safety policies and procedures related to volunteerism, children and students and abuse safeguarding & prevention. In addition, you will find instructions on how to report concerns or ask further questions regarding our policies and procedures.

Make a Report to Our Safety Team

In line with our safety policies, if you see something, we want you to say something. Our Safety Team at The Chapel is responsible for prevention & response to concerns that arise, including ensuring our safety policies are adhered to.

If child abuse and maltreatment is observed, please contact Child Protective Services immediately at 1.800.342.3720

In cases of safety concerns with adults, where appropriate please contact local authorities (911) or Crisis Services at 716.834.3131.

In all cases, we ask that you report what you have observed to the ministry leader you are working with so they can notify our safety team accordingly. Our staff team will report any and all concerns brought to their attention to the Safety Team. If you are unable to report to a ministry leader within 24 hours or have concerns related to reporting, please send a direct message to our safety team, and you will be contacted by a member of the Safety Team within 24 hours.


The Chapel's Security Team is a group of volunteers designated by our church to provide safety and security to those in attendance at any of our ministry locations. Our Team provides security and protection against known and unknown threats to the congregation and staff during regular services and special events. Within established risk management guidelines, the security team will care for the well-being of our congregants, special guests, children & students in their ministry environments, asset protection, and any further volunteer security services needed.

Other Questions?

For general questions, please contact our office.

For specific questions related to safety, please speak to one of our team members.