Behold The Lamb

In this series, we will introduce you to who that Lamb is and what His destiny was from Bethlehem. It’s the familiar Christmas story, but it is connected to the much larger story that God is telling in the world – and also connected to our lives today.


Part 1 · December 4, 2016 · Pastor Jonathan Drake ·

The Lamb of God became the Final and Ultimate Passover Lamb.

Waiting For A King

Part 2 · December 11, 2016 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

Jesus is the Lamb who became Shepherd King.

Hope Has Come

Part 3 · December 18, 2016 · Pastor Wes Aarum ·

God has the power to use anything and anyone for good, for His purposes, and for His glory.

Christmas Eve

Part 4 · December 24, 2016 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

The story of Christmas didn't begin in a manger. It began in the heart of God.