I Do

God created marriage; it was His idea. As Christ’s people, we want to examine what the Scripture says about God’s purposes for marriage, and how each one of us – regardless of marital status – can honor His design.

Before You Say “I Do”

Part 1 · July 23, 2017 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

Before you say "I Do", let God sanctify you through and through.

Why You Say “I Do”

Part 2 · July 30, 2017 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

God's people should know why they say "I Do."

Now All I Do

Part 3 · August 6, 2017 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

When Jesus matters to us more than anything, our spouses matter to us like they matter to Him.

What Did I Do?

Part 4 · August 13, 2017 · Pastor Jerry Gillis ·

The way of love is the way of Jesus.

Who Do I Do This For?

Part 5 · August 20, 2017 · Pastor Deone Drake ·

We do what we do to glorify God and help each other become like Jesus.

I Did

Part 6 · August 27, 2017 · Pastor Wes Aarum ·

Our fuel for faithfulness in marriage is found in God's faithfulness to us.