A Seat at the Table


We all have ideas of who belongs and who doesn't, who should be at the table and who shouldn't be. We can benefit from seeing Jesus answer those concerns in a real story.

I Do

7/23/17- 8/20/17

God created marriage; it was His idea. As Christ’s people, we want to examine what the Scripture says about God’s purposes for marriage, and how each one of us – regardless of marital status – can honor His design.

Spirit Life

6/11/17- 7/16/17

In this series, we will talk about the Holy Spirit – who He is, what He does, and how that impacts our lives today.

Feast On Jesus

4/23/17- 5/28/17

The whole Bible centers on Jesus – even the parts before His birth in Bethlehem. As we explore the pages of the Old Testament, we see that God institutes feasts for the Israelite people to celebrate. In this series, we will discover how each of these feasts is pointing forward to Jesus – and what difference that makes in our lives today.



It could be said that many of us are just sleepwalking through life. We are dead people walking. But the resurrection of Jesus will wake us up – not just someday, but even right now. You can wake before you die.

Good Friday


A special Good Friday service at The Chapel, with messages from both our CrossPoint and Lockport Campuses.

By Faith

2/19/17- 4/9/17

Faith: it’s a word that is often used, but do we really know all that it means? What place does faith have in our world today – more specifically, what place does it have in our lives? In this series, we are going to answer that by looking primarily at Hebrews 11 and discovering how faith impacts our present reality – and our future.

Getting Free of Counterfeit Faith


Have you ever felt like you couldn’t measure up to expectations? Or has it ever seemed like you were stuck in your faith? The Gospel of Jesus offers us an infinitely better alternative than our attempts at religion, because the Gospel is about God reaching down to us in the person of Jesus.

For Lockport

2/12/17 - Lockport Campus

Why does the Church exist? Why does our church exist? And where do you fit in to the mission that God is on in reaching the world?

The Table


In Luke's gospel, we encounter Jesus on several occasions gathering for a meal with a variety of different people. These stories around the table are designed to lead us somewhere and teach us something about who Jesus is and what He came to do.


1/8/17- 1/29/17

What does it mean to leave a legacy? And how do we make sure that it is a legacy worth leaving? This series will explore the many ways we can create a God-glorifying legacy.



We all have ideas of what we want 2017 to be, including the changes we want to make. But perhaps the first question we should be asking is, “What does God want to do in my life this year?”