The New Community

1/11/15- 2/22/15

The word “church” means many things to different people. But what does God say about it? In this series we’ll discover who we are, why the Church exists, and why that matters in our lives today.

Dear World...


God is not far off and distant. Instead, He has a message for the world that He loves, and we - His Church - are the letter He is writing to the world.

2014 Stand-alone Messages

3/16/14- 12/28/14

A list of messages from 2014 that were not part of a series.

Songs of Christmas

11/30/14- 12/21/14

In his gospel account, Luke records some ancient Christmas songs designed to announce the coming of Jesus to earth. Mary, Zechariah, the Angels, and Simeon all contribute timeless truths to the story of Christmas - and each song has value to our lives today.


11/2/14- 11/23/14

What happens after this life is over - and who can we trust to tell us? The Bible is not silent on these things; in fact, it’s the best source for our comfort and encouragement. Join us in this sermon series as we explore what God says about the AfterLife, and why it matters.

The Relational God

9/7/14- 10/26/14

God is not distant, He is personal. He comes, He speaks, He listens, and so much more. In this series we dive into the many ways God is present and pursuing a personal relationship with each of us.

Life Verse

8/3/14- 8/24/14

What verse of Scripture do you want to define you? Join us in this series as several pastors on our staff share with us their "Life Verse", and how that verse calls us to to the life Christ provides for us.


7/6/14- 7/27/14

How do we nourish our souls? How do we walk through difficulty? How do we handle feeling distant from God? Join us in this series as we seek to answer these questions.

Choose To Be Rich

5/25/14- 6/22/14

What does the Scripture say about wealth, finances and generosity? Join us in this series as we discuss financial stewardship.

The Making of Me

4/27/14- 5/18/14

In this series we will explore what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

What Counts

3/23/14- 4/13/14

In this series we will discuss how God counts our obedience, sins, and our flesh.


1/26/14- 3/9/14

God provides grace through the blood and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Join us in this series as we learn about sin, sacrifice and righteousness from the Old Testament.