Darryl Blumrick and Dan & Gina Miller

No matter what has happened in our past, we are never out of the reach of God's love.

Fred Gravius

Fred thought he was looking for Jesus. But Jesus had come for him.

Albert Garcia

Albert found it easier to numb the pain of his past than to face reality. Then God started to change his life from the inside out.

Steve Jenison

Growing up, Steve Jenison never saw a relationship with God as something to be actively pursued. As he got older, the example he saw from believers around him began to change his perspective.

Heather Quinn

Through using her gifts – especially the gift of being single – Heather has been able to embrace the life God designed and equipped her to live.

Steve Yoder

Steve was searching for something to answer the emptiness that he felt. Then the Lockport Campus launched, and everything changed.

Jillian James

Jillian found herself lying in a hospital bed from years of heavy drinking. Then she found healing and comfort in Jesus.

Marleen and Leroy Webber

For Marleen and Leroy Webber, opening their home was a way that they could build relationships with others and have opportunities to share the gospel.

Nateesha Harris

Growing up, Nateesha Harris perceived church as a place that was unwelcoming and demanded more than she could give. But, that all changed when she experienced God for who He really is.

Why should I share my story?

We have an incredible opportunity to give a story to people about what God has done in our lives. When you share your story, God can use it to draw people to Jesus.

What if I don't think I have a story?

You can't meet Jesus and be the same person you were before. Every person who comes to know Jesus has a story of life change. You could share how you came to know Jesus as your personal savior, or a remarkable experience that points to Jesus working in your life.