Deone Drake

Singles and Teaching Pastor

Office: 716.631.2636 x206

My Story:

I grew up in church. I can honestly say I loved being in church. I participated. I can never remember a time when I resisted or resented hearing or listening to the Gospel. I knew the story well – the story of how to get connected to Christ. Maybe I heard it so often that I felt that I didn’t need it desperately. That realization came three weeks after high school. Filled with confusion and a “I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life,” I knew the one thing I had to do with my life – and that is, give it completely over to Christ. On July 17, 1976, I fully surrendered my life to Christ. And right there, He began a life-long journey of shaping me into His likeness and fitting me for His service. I love talking to people about His Word – how He has spoken and what it can mean if we obey Him. I marvel that He has seen fit to put me in a place called The Chapel – where we get to witness and participate in the activity of God every day. I can’t think of being anywhere else.

More about me:

If I am not doing what I believe God called me to do – which is writing, preparing, or delivering a lesson from God’s Word, my favorite thing to be doing is riding a bike along the river. And when my wife can join me, that is a real joy for me. I also like to golf, though the days of being good at it are long gone. I truly enjoy spending time with my best friend and wife, Patricia – whether it’s the above-mentioned bike ride, sitting on the deck or along the river or at a favorite restaurant. I also love hanging out with my son, Jonathan, and talking at a Tim Horton’s about ministry, about sports, or anything else on his mind.