Jonathan Griffiths

Guest Services Director

Office: 716.631.2636 x224

My Story:

God has continually given me choices. Two paths to choose leading either toward Christ or away from Him. Through his love and grace he has shown me the choices that lead to life and closeness with Him, while at the same time allowing me to make the decision of which path to take. I was 7 years old when I had a long talk with my dad about what it means to live for Jesus and I decided to give my life to Him. It wasn’t until I was 18 that God gave me the clarity to see that he had far more to offer me than what I was aware of to that point. I went to a college youth group for the first time and saw students my age driving themselves to church without being told to by their parents and actively engaging in the service. This was a new experience for me to see my peers desiring to get to know God and talk with others about it. Again, I had a choice. Would I dig into my faith and draw closer to God, causing those around me to see God more clearly through my life, or would I continue to live a life that showed no true evidence of the faith I had placed in God? From there I started attending that church and quickly began serving as an usher on Sundays and a small group leader at the college ministry. I began to say “yes” to God as he presented areas of service that fit me more directly. I sought the path that would lead to life and purpose with each choice before me. Part of God drawing us to himself is by teaching us through service and small groups. This is what God used strongly in my life to show me who he had made me to be and how I can best serve the rest of the church.