Armor Project


Thank you!

We are wrapping up our efforts here at the Armor Project and we just want to say thank you to everyone who has participated. We have seen God do incredible things in this season and we are extrememly excited to share these stories with you in the coming weeks. Check back on this page this week to see some of those stories and scroll down to see ways that you can continue to help during this time. Once again, we are deeply grateful for the conversations, prayers, donations, and efforts from everyone!


Thank you 

Create Your Own Armor Box

Even though we've hit pause on the Armor Project here at The Chapel, we've made it so you can continue helping your family, friends and neighbors during this time with a create your own Armor Box. Below is a checklist of everything you may want to include in a box. Keep in mind, you can add or remove anything on this list that best suites the needs of the person/people you're making the box for. If you're not sure of the needs for those that you're looking to help, we've included a letterhead, along with an example to help get you started, so you can help meet and see the needs that exist around you. 

Create your own box checklist:


Write a letter to your neighbor:


Example letter to help get you started:

Sample Letter


What else can I do? 

Live generously. Take the time to reach out to your friends, coworkers and loved ones for encouragement and prayer. Be a good neighbor and ensure those around you have what they need. Give to the church, as we do the same. Your giving enables us to support numerous ministry partners throughout our community, country, and around the globe.



Frequently Asked Question

We are working closely with ministry partners to identify needs within the community, If you would like to bring awareness to a need, please email us by clicking below.  We have a team in place who will be praying for each and every need but keep in mind that tangible resources may be limited.
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