Love the Church

What does it mean to actively and intentionally love the church?

Taking Root

Loving God means spending time with Him daily. One of the ways we can look be and be encouraged by His faithfulness is through journaling.

A Foster Mom's Heart

Jenny is your everyday 24 year old who simply said yes when God called her to foster care over a year ago. She has since cared for and parted with two placements (three children total). We sat down to talk to her just shy of one week after saying...

Jenny's Story: Part Two

God sometimes graciously allows for a glimpse of what He is building and growing behind the scenes. And even when we can’t see it all, He is still faithful. With undeniable confidence Jenny affirms, “Though I’ve gone through three losses...

Jenny’s Story: Part One

In spite of her reservations, saying ‘yes’ to God, had not only changed the direction of Jenny’s life, but also changed her relationship with her Savior. She explained, “I trust that this is where God wants me, no matter how many people...

A Thanksgiving Message

Our family has a Thanksgiving tradition, and you may have it as well: we go around the table and each person says one thing that they’re thankful for. Like you, our family is thankful for spouses and kids, for new jobs and for health; we’re...

Bible Reading Plans

If you were committed to getting into physical shape, one of your first steps would be to write out a plan of attack: when you’d go to the gym, how much time you’d spend there, which exercises you’d do, and what other life habits would need...


When it comes to insecurity, the heart of the matter isn’t founded in an inaccurate view of yourself, but an inaccurate view of God.

Get in Authentic Community

If you want to leave a legacy of Jesus, get in authentic community with God's people. Here at The Chapel we have several opportunities for you to do that. We also offer support and recovery groups if you struggle with addiction or sexual purity.

Time With God

I was recently reading an article that said the average person spends nearly two hours each day on social media.

Intentionally Praying For The Season Ahead

The Christmas season is filled with incredible opportunity for us, both individually, and as a church. Even in today's culture, the Christmas season still pulls at the hearts of people and creates a longing, a curiosity, and a receptivity to the...

A Life of Thanksgiving

Genuine gratitude is authenticated not just by words of thanksgiving to God but by deeds of kindness to God’s creation.