Family Resources


Our aim is for families - including parents and children - to discover Jesus through the true stories of the Bible. This means loving God personally and together, growing together in our community, and showing the love of Jesus to the world around us. We want to connect you to resources that help you parent and lead your children with confidence!


General Resources


Axis Parent Guides

Axis includes various parent guides, conversation kits, podcasts and more that help parents connect with their teenagers and engage in difficult conversations.

Courageous Parenting Starter Course

Courageous Parenting is a self-paced, online course designed to mentor parents in discipling their children. Explore more resources at

This website includes articles and podcasts that help disciples to engage and explore the Christian faith, including what we believe and how we live out our faith. 

Parent Cue

Parent Cue provides articles, podcasts, and other resources to help parents joyfully disciple their children.

Topical Resources


Andrew T. Walker - God and the Transgender Debate

Woldview: Sexuality - Pastor Jerry Sermon

Chapel Plus: Gender and Sexuality - Pastor Jerry Gillis - Living Out provides resources to help disciples engage in conversations about gender and sexuality.



“Twelve tips for parenting in the digital age” - Tony Reinke

Chapel Plus: Parenting & Technology - Jonathan Drake 

Recommended Reading

The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in its Proper Place – Andy Crouch

God, Technology, and the Christian Life – Tony Reinke


Family Discipleship

Mealtime conversation prompts - Focus on the family

Chapel Plus: A Bible Study with your Kids? Nope! - Allison Granger

Recommended Reading

Habits of the Household – Justin Whitmel Earley

Family Discipleship: Leading Your Home Through Time, Moments, and Milestones – Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin

Take Back Your Family: From the Tyrants of Burnout, Busyness, Individualism, and the Nuclear Ideal – Jefferson Bethke

Shepherding a Child’s Heart ­– Tedd Tripp


Questions Kids Ask with Mary Wiley

Risen Motherhood - Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler

IMbetween Podcast - Daniel and Christina Im