College Scholarship Application

Instructions/Requirements for Scholarship Grants:

Applications are received and scholarships are granted annually. Applicants must apply each year.

Applications and transcripts must be in our offices no later than June 1.

A limited number of scholarships for full time (12 hours per semester) students at the college level and graduate (advanced degree) level are granted each year in any accredited Christian educational institution or for students taking accredited ministry classes for a degree in ministry at the college level.

The Chapel must be your home church in order to apply; whether you attend service regularly or you watch online regularly.

Provide copies of academic transcripts from grades ten through twelve for recent high school graduates. For college students, provide your current transcript with the application. They may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to: The Chapel at CrossPoint, fax 716.634.4184 before application deadline or e-mailed to

No applicant may receive more than four (4) annual awards.

Awards will be sent to the institution the applicant will be attending in the name of the student and the institution. In case of early withdrawal, the scholarship will be reclaimed.

Decisions of The Chapel Scholarship Committee, which has sole responsibility for scholarship awards, will be final. Recipients will be notified by letter.

PLEASE NOTE: Please mail an official transcript of your school academic records as part of this application. Also request a confidential recommendation from your principal / guidance counselor / college professor (as appropriate) to be mailed separately to:

The Chapel Scholarship Committee
500 CrossPoint Pkwy.
Getzville, NY 14068
Phone: 716.631.2636
Fax: 716.634.4184

A full time student is 12 credit hours a semester or more