Welcome to Movi!  

Movi is the 9th-12th grade ministry of The Chapel. We exist to give every high school student every opportunity to hear and experience the love of Jesus Christ. We do this by leading students to Love God, Love the Church and Love the World



Movi is a Wednesday night gathering that consists of corporate worship through music, a message applicable to high school students and community groups that are gender and grade specific.


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  • Wednesdays from 7-9pm
  • Doors open 6:30pm
  • Third Wednesdays are offsite, send a message for more info


  • Wednesdays from 7-9pm
  • Doors open 6:30pm



  • Wednesdays
    • MOVI CONNECT: 2nd & 4th Wednesday from 7-9pm (Doors open 6:30pm)
    • MOVI MEET UP: 1st Wednesday off campus (time dependent of activity)
    • MOVI SERVES: 3rd Wednesday (on and off campus)
  • Sundays
    • MOVI COMMUNITY GROUP: Every Sunday at 11am