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"Shield Yourself" -Jay Perillo at Virtual Vintage

Series: The Art of War Wk.3
Date: 3.17.2020

"Semper Veritas" -Jeremy Loucks

Series: The Art of War Wk.2
Date: 3.10.2020

"Stand Your Ground" -Jay Perillo

Date: 3.3.2020
Series: The Art of War Wk.1

"Love Q&A" -Panel

Final Week: Love Actually

"Marriage Actually"

Date: 2.19.2020
Series: Love Actually Wk.3

"Friends Actually" -Jay Perillo

Date: 2.5.2020
Series: Love Actually Wk.1

"I am what I've done" - Jessica Pappas

Date: 1.28.2020
Series: Identity Crisis Wk.4

"I Am Not Good Enough" -Edwin Perez

Date: 1.21.2020
Series: Identity Crisis Wk.3

"It's Just the Way I Am" -Christina Kelly

Date: 1.14.2020
Series: Identity Crisis Wk.2

“Made Strong Out of Weakness” -Doug McClinsey

Date: 1.7.2020
Series: Identity Crisis Wk.1