How To Prepare Physically For Fasting

How Do You Physically Prepare to Fast?


While you are free to fast in whatever way you’d like, we will be encouraging all who are participating in these 40 Days to join in a 24-hour fast from food.  

If you choose to join in this 24-hour fast, be sure to drink lots of water and supplement with juice as necessary. Not everyone is physically able to abstain from food for that length of time, and you should always consult a medical professional to see if your physical health will allow it. If you are unable to give up food completely, feel free to innovate different ways to stay involved. One option would be to just eat fruit and vegetables during this fast.  

This is also referred to as a “dinner-to-dinner” fast. One way to approach this fast is to eat an earlier dinner (for example, no food after 6:00pm) and a later dinner on the following day (no food before 6:00pm). But the main priority is not the hours that you keep the fast, nor about how many calories you take in, but rather, what you do while you are fasting. The resources on will help guide you in that process.