Facilities Projects Assistant

Job Responsibilities:

The Facilities Projects Assistant will provide skillful execution of any/all trades required for completion of assigned projects using professional standards to include (but not limited to) Carpentry, Framing, Finishing, Tile Work, Drywall, Masonry, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting. This person will also coordinate with outside contractors and Chapel Volunteers as needed for assigned projects and promotes an environment that supports and reflects the mission of The Chapel in ensuring every man, woman and child within our circle of accountability have repeated opportunities to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Job Requirements:

This position requires an individual with:
1. Minimum of five (5) years proven experience in construction.
2. Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent education.
3. Ability to lift, push, pull at least 50lbs. Able to walk up and down ladders safely.
4. Strong technical, interpersonal, organizational, verbal and written communication skills. Ability to be flexible, perform multiple tasks at one time, and work effectively with employees at all levels and across all functions.
5. Proven faithfulness to Christ in use of time, talent and resources; meets all biblical requirements of a leader and influencer within the church body.

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