Love Your Neighbor

As The Church, we have a unique opportunity in this time of crisis to love and care for our neighbor. Here are some ways you can step in to care for those in your neighborhood. We've also included resources to help you, whether that's sharing the gsopel with them, or writing them a letter.

Ways you can begin to love your neighbor:

1. Offer to pray for your neighbor.

  • Ask for ways in which you can be praying for your neighbors, and commit to praying for them.

2. Offer to meet a tangible need.

  • Pick up groceries for your neighbors.
  • Drop off goods at their front door.
  • Offer to bring in their garbage totes.
  • Have your kids make cards for your neighbors.

Want to write a letter to your neighbor? You can download and print the template below:

Read our latest blog post that talks about how we can continually love our neighbor during this season.

Sharing the Gospel with Your Neighbor


This is an emotional time for many people. You may discover that some of those close to you may be more receptive to the Gospel at this time, more than they have ever been. This is exciting! We don’t want you to miss this opportunity to share the hope that you have. Here are some useful tools to help you share the Gospel with friends and loved ones with gentleness and respect like 1 Peter 3:15 teaches.



The Three Circles provides a 3 minute Gospel that is simple to explain and even incorporates some visual components to help you tell the story. This site has a video that teaches you how to share the Gospel using this method. It also lists all the components that you need to know to help you share the Gospel effectively. You can see this information by clicking the button below.

The Three Circles



God Tools is website and an app great for those who are new to or nervous about sharing their faith. It has everything you need to share the Gospel simply and clearly. You can even pick from a few options and choose which one you are most comfortable with. It also provides you with some encouraging tips on how to prepare yourself best! Check out the site or even download by clicking the button below.

God Tools



The Story is also a website and an app. The Story has a 5 minute video of the Gospel that you can share with others. It also provides a story narrative of the Gospel that will help you better understand the overarching story of God that you are trying to communicate to others. This is a bit more intense than God Tools and The Three Circles, but is probably the most complete version of the three. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with The Story before you share it with others. Checkout the site or download the app by clicking the button below.

The Story

Don’t let this time pass without sharing the hope that you have with someone who needs it!

We are praying that God uses you to help bring someone to Jesus.