All Things New

Jesus is the new Adam. He is the new Israel, the new Moses and the new temple. He makes all things new.

Jesus: The New Adam

Part 1 • January 8, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Since Jesus has reconciled us back to the Father by undoing the curse brought about through Adam, we are no longer under sin’s control or penalty.

Jesus: The New Israel

Part 2 • January 15, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Jesus is the fulfillment of Israel, and all things find fulfillment in Him.

Jesus: The New Moses

Part 3 • January 22, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Jesus delivers us from bondage and leads us into freedom.

Jesus: The New Temple

Part 4 • January 29, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Jesus is the New Temple, and for those who believe, they are also temples.

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Subject: All Things New

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