Church in the Lot

Church in the Lot

Pastor Jerry Gillis - June 28, 2020

Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group provide a 2-minute summary of Sunday’s teaching. 

  1. What is one thing that God taught you through this message? 

  1. Read James 1:2-3 and Romans 5:3-5. Based on these verses, what does God want to produce in our lives through the testing of our faith? Why are we resistant to the testing of our faith? What is uncomfortable about this process? 

  1. What is one area that you have seen God grow in your faith during this time of testing? What is one area of weakness that you’ve become more aware of during this time? How can our group help you in both? 

  1. What is one action step that you can take in response to Sunday’s message and our conversation today?  


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