Easter Sunday

Easter 2023

Pastor Jerry Gillis - April 9, 2023

Community Group Study Notes

Community Group Discussion Questions

  1. Did you invite anyone to Good Friday service or Easter service? Did they come? Share any "wins" from this weekend!
  2. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture points of Matthew 28:1-8 and the main idea of the message – “come, see, go, and tell”.
  3. How did this message strengthen and/or correct your previous ideas about the resurrection? How were you reminded of the power of the resurrection?
  4. Does the resurrection “make your feet move”? How does the truth of the resurrection influence your life?
  5. Interact with this statement: “The resurrection doesn’t need a defense…it just needs to be told.” Why do you sometimes hesitate to share the gospel? What are some of your barriers to sharing the gospel?
  6. Read Matthew 28:17. Jesus shows up, but some still doubted. Yet these were the people Jesus sent into the world. How does this encourage you in sharing your grace story and the gospel?
  7. One common argument to refute Jesus’ resurrection is to point out the apparent differences in the story in each Gospel. But perhaps it’s these apparent differences that make it more believable. How can this be so?

Action Step

As you reflect on Easter Sunday, spend time reading the Apostle’s Creed. Read it out loud two times. The second time you read it, read it as a prayer of commitment. Journal a response to reading and praying the Creed:

  • Why is claiming this and committing to this creed important?
  • Are you fully living out this claim to faith?
  • How has the resurrection of Jesus changed your life? 

Mobilization Challenge

Go and tell! Who can you share the story of the resurrection with this week? Commit to sharing your faith with at least one person this week! Be prepared to share about your experience with your Community Group next week! The Community Groups team also wants to hear your experience – share your story HERE.


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