I Don't Understand...

There are a lot of things that we don't understand. In this series we will answer some difficult questions about our faith.

I Don't Understand... Why Evil Exists

Part 1 • April 15, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

How can we explain the existence of evil? Why would God allow evil in the world?

I Don't Understand... How Science and Scripture Can Get Along

Part 2 • April 22, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

How can science and scripture get along? Do Christians have to ignore science to believe the Bible?

I Don't Understand... Why God Killed Jesus

Part 3 • April 29, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Why did Jesus go to a cross to die, and why would God allow that?

I Don't Understand... What Happens to Those Who Have Never Heard

Part 4 • May 6, 2012 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

What happens to people who have never heard of Jesus? If you have never heard the Gospel, is it fair to be judged by God?

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