Living With the Unresolved

Living With the Unresolved

Pastor Jerry Gillis - May 21, 2023

Community Group Study Notes

  1. Have someone in your group give a brief recap of Sunday’s message, highlighting the primary Scripture points and the main idea of the message.
  2. How did this message strengthen and/or correct your previous ideas about closure and resolution? Did you learn anything new about God or yourself this week?
  3. What is unresolved in your life? In what way(s) do you feel like you’re missing closure? 
  4. How has lack of closure or resolution influenced your relationship with God? 
  5. Read the following verses: Habakkuk 3:16, Psalm 27:14, Psalm 130:5-6. What does it mean to wait for the Lord, knowing that closure in our present circumstances isn’t guaranteed?
  6. How do you typically respond when you have unmet expectations? How can you respond in a Christlike manner? 
  7. What action step do you need to take to better live in the truth that Jesus’ presence and power in our life is resolution enough?

Action Step

“Closure and resolution is coming because of what Jesus did, and what He will do when He returns.” 

Take some time this week to write down the story of Jesus. Write down what Jesus did for us in his death and resurrection and write down what He is going to do when He returns. Meditate on scripture as you write down these truths. After you finish writing, spend time in prayer praising God for this truth, and ask Him to break down the idol of resolution in your life, knowing that Jesus came and is coming again.

Mobilization Challenge

Did you commit to the Envelope Challenge? Spend time praying over who God is leading you to bless during the Time Challenge. For more information on the challenge and to share your stories about how God is growing you and using you, visit


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Subject: Living With the Unresolved

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