What does God own? What do we own? How do we become good stewards of our time, our stuff, our relationships, and our lives?

God Owns Our Time

Part 1 • November 3, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Are we owners, or are we owned? What does the Bible say about the Sabbath and how it relates to the ownership of our time?

It's About More Than Our Stuff

Part 2 • November 10, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

There is perhaps nothing as tangible as trusting God with our resources. Everything that we have, including what we give, is God's.

Dogs, Foxes, Funerals, and Family

Part 3 • November 17, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Jesus doesn't want to be first in our lives; He wants to be all. But He can't be all until He at least is first.

God Owns Our Lives

Part 4 • November 24, 2013 • Pastor Jonathan Drake

The cross is the sign of God's ownership of our lives. God doesn't just own our time or our stuff; he owns us.

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