The Hope of Christmas

Jesus' birth offers hope to all of us. In this series we will focus on four different groups of people who need the hope that Jesus provides.

Hope for the Disturbed: Herod

Part 1 • December 1, 2013 • Pastor Deone Drake

Herod was disturbed by Jesus' birth, because he perceived Jesus as a threat to his throne. For many, the birth of Jesus is also a threat to the thrones of our lives, and we are also disturbed. There's hope for all of us.

Hope For The Humble

Part 2 • December 8, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Pride isn't just something we can get over; we have to get under pride by humbling ourselves under God's hand. This humility is the path to true life.

Hope for the Outcasts

Part 3 • December 15, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

There is hope for the outcasts because Jesus is the Outcast Savior. This means that the Gospel of Jesus is available to everyone: all are welcome, and all are invited.

Hope for the Seeking

Part 4 • December 22, 2013 • Pastor Wes Aarum

There is hope for the seeking because God always responds to the person who seeks Him. But, as it turns out, it was actually God who has been seeking them all along.

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