The Lost Art of Love

In this series we will cover love - what it is and how God wants us to use it.

Nothing Without Love

Part 1 • September 15, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

What happens when you don't have love? Where does love come from? How does God define love?

Long Fused and Good

Part 2 • September 22, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Love is patient and love is kind. How do you show patience and kindness to the people in your life – friends, enemies, even strangers?

The Opposite of Pure Love

Part 3 • September 29, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Where are you polluting the pure love of God intended to flow to you and through you? Why should we be so concerned about how our demonstration of love impacts people who are far from God?

Government Shutdown

Part 4 • October 13, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Why do we need to learn how to love? How do we deal with injustice in the government of God?

Love Never Ends

Part 5 • October 20, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Love is the grown up language of the kingdom citizen. Because love never ends, what does it help us to do?

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Subject: The Lost Art of Love

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