The Relational God

God is not distant, He is personal. He comes, He speaks, He listens, and so much more. In this series we dive into the many ways God is present and pursuing a personal relationship with each of us.

He Comes

Part 1 • September 7, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Life and light will replace darkness and death, because God comes.

He Speaks

Part 2 • September 14, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

God speaks to us to communicate His love to the world and to us. We need to learn to hear His voice.

He Listens

Part 3 • September 21, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

God listens to us not so that He can give us everything we want, but so that He can give us everything He wants.

He Feels

Part 4 • September 28, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

We need to be thankful that God doesn't feel the same way that we do.

He Loves

Part 5 • October 5, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

God is the manufacturer of love, we are just the distributors. There is no definition of love outside of God since He is the source.

He Stays

Part 6 • October 12, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Our friends, freedom, lives, relationships, and money can leave us. But God has said "Never will I leave you."

He Provides

Part 7 • October 19, 2014 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

When we trust the God who Provides, He will make us an instrument of His provision.

He Sacrifices

Part 8 • October 26, 2014 • Pastor Wes Aarum

You don't need to earn your way to God - Jesus has done it for you.

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