Uncommon Sense

What does the Bible teach on wisdom? What do wise people look like?

Where Wisdom Begins

Part 1 • May 26, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Our natural tendency as human beings is to act like we know it all and we have it all together. But we can only gain true wisdom by fearing the Lord.

Heart Graffiti

Part 2 • June 2, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Everybody's got something written on their hearts. What's written on yours? What do you think would happen if we made sure that people could see Jesus clearly written on our hearts and lives?

The Wisdom Path

Part 3 • June 9, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Our trust in God is half-hearted as we rely on ourselves. We do this because we really don't know God. If we did, we'd trust Him with all we have. Trust in God is never blind trust.

The Path of Blessing

Part 4 • June 16, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

The path you walk will either be a blessing or a curse to those who follow you. Because of Jesus we can now be children who never walk in curse, but walk in blessing.

The Wealth of Wisdom

Part 5 • June 23, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Trusting the Lord with our money will provide us a blessing and make us a blessing. How do we trust him to make that happen?

Smooth Stones and Plankton

Part 6 • June 30, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

When God disciplines us, he may use hardship, Scripture, other people, or consequences to do so. In this process, we may feel the sting of his “pruning shears” but how can we not focus solely on the pain and instead start asking,“God, what are you trying to teach me here?”

Wisdom for a Nation

Part 7 • July 7, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people. How do we walk in righteousness?

The Church Needs More Wise Guys/Gals

Part 8 • July 14, 2013 • Pastor Jerry Gillis

Is there a difference between knowing a lot of wise things and actually being a wise person? What does a wise person look like?

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