Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Community Group?
Community Groups exist to leverage the power of relationships to help us love God, love the Church, and love the World with the time we’ve been given.

Where do Community Groups meet?
Community Groups meet within group member’s homes or in public places.

What kinds of Community groups are there?
We have a group for everyone- all different ages and stages of life! We will help you find the best fit for you.

What about child care?
Childcare is managed by each individual group.

When do the groups meet?
Groups meet during the week, anywhere from two to four times a month depending on the group. The day and time is dependent upon the specific group.

How long do Community Groups stay together?
Community Groups are allowed to stay together as long as they would like. Since Community Groups meet in 8-10 week quarters, at the end of each quarter a group member has the option of switching groups.

How long does each meeting last?
Each group may run their group a little different, but most groups will meet about two hours.

What happens in Community Groups?
Each group may run their group a little different, but all groups will have a social time, group discussion, and prayer.

What do Community Groups study?
All of our Community Groups will be doing a sermon-based study.

Can I visit a group before “joining”?
YES! We encourage you to check out a group first before making a commitment. We are confident that visiting a group will help you make the most informed decision possible while relieving any hesitations you have.

Do you have any additional questions?
Please do not hesitate to reach out to Kim Lackey at send a message or 716.631.2636 x283 with any further questions.