Community Group Resources

Kingdom Come 2020

Week of October 18, 2020

Review Questions

  1. Have someone in your group provide a brief, 2-minute summary of the teaching we heard on Sunday. 

  1. What was one thing that God was showing you through this special Sunday?   

  1. Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. What is the connection between our transformation (in verse 17) and our responsibility in (verse 20)? What does this passage teach us about why these things must go together (identity and mission) and why they cannot be separated from one another? 

  1. Dr. Bobby Gupta asked us to consider this question: “Do I understand my responsibility in the Great Commission?” Discuss this together in your group, and encourage each other to discover our individual and collective responsibility to the mission of God.  

  1. What is one action step that you can take in light of Kingdom Come Sunday and our conversation today? 

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