The Potter's Hands

Meeting the needs of neighbors in our community

What does The Potter's Hands do?

The Potter's Hands will provide an avenue and encouragement for men, women, and their families to get involved in various acts of service in the community, meeting the physical and spiritual needs of neighbors who may be facing desperate circumstances. Spiritual growth is also developed in the membership of The Potter's Hands.

We are a ministry that operates through outreach and the facilitation of The Donation Center in order to be the hands and feet of Jesus, thereby advancing His Kingdom of love by assisting our neighbors.

The Potter's Hands seeks to touch the lives of individuals whose need is so desperate that it alters their way of life. Their ability to move forward is threatened by circumstances in which they have no other logical means of help. The Potter's Hands will also reach out to further equip those ministries who are already doing the work to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Means of accomplishing the vision:

  1. Each project will be used as a vehicle to deliver the gospel to those within our circle of influence.
  2. Each project begins with corporate prayer and a testimony or devotional committed to spiritual discipleship.
  3. Building partnerships with other area ministries striving to deliver the gospel in our circle of accountability.

What We Do

Disaster Relief

The Potter's Hands will make every attempt to mobilize and assist the community when disasters strike, such as floods, storms or fires.


The Potter's Hands performs many types of outreach projects such as partnering with other ministries, & furniture donations.

Donation Center

The donation center is a vehicle to spread the gospel by providing donations of appliances and furniture to those in desperate need. The donation center accepts donations of furniture and appliances (small or large) in good condition. Good condition means they could be turned over to someone in need right away without any repairs needed. The donation center can not accept cribs, TVs or car seats. Some needs are greater than others, such as beds, refrigerators, and washer/dryers.

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How Do I Get Involved?

Before you become an official member of The Potter's Hands and join the men and women serving in The Potter's Hands it's crucial to know what is expected of you. We are unique in that our ministry is outside the walls of the church. We are a ministry made up of men and women from The Chapel, other churches, and outside ministries, who joyfully serve the Lord. We have established criteria, contained within an application process, to decide which projects will get our attention. Once we commit to a project an email goes out to every member of The Potter's Hands. Your job is to reply if you are available to help.

The Potter's Hands asks that anyone interested in serving the Lord would commit to serving on at least one occasion per quarter. To apply, you must complete an online application and covenant (the application link is listed below). Once completed, and agreed upon, you'll receive service opportunity emails from The Potter's Hands. We look forward to joining you in serving God and spreading the name of Jesus!

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