Kingdom Come Sunday


We often take an opportunity to highlight how God is working locally and globally through our Kingdom Come partners, and how our faithful giving to Kingdom Come continues to impact the work that they are doing for the Gospel. This weekend we had the privilege to hear from one of them.

Speaker Development Day


On this weekend, we had a unique opportunity to hear from live communicators in each of our venues at all of our campuses.

Commercial Christianity

8/7/16- 8/28/16

The message of Jesus in our culture sometimes becomes so commercialized that we lose sight of what He really came to do. In this series, we will examine some of the ways in which Christianity has become commercialized.


7/10/16- 7/31/16

A summer series of stand-alone messages from our pastors.

World View

5/22/16- 7/3/16

Everyone has a world view – a lens through which we see the world and make sense of reality. But each world view is centered on something, so the question is, what is at the center for your world view?

Good Grief


There are good ways to grieve and there are bad ways to grieve. As disciples of Jesus, we want to know what good grief looks like, because how we grieve says more about our hope in Christ than we may think.

Getting Real


Our God has designed us to love and be loved in return. He created us to live with nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing to lose. Sadly something broke, but God in His mercy had a plan to make it right.

Freezing Time


As our heavenly father, God has designed us to mature. He doesn’t want His children to be frozen in time, stuck in spiritual immaturity. He wants us to progress in relationship with Him through time.


4/3/16- 5/1/16

Jesus’ death and resurrection shook the entire world. In the days and weeks that followed that first Easter Sunday, the aftershocks of those world-changing events began to unfold. In this series, we’ll see how 2,000 years later, there are still aftershocks because of the resurrection.

The Curious Case of Israel


How does Israel fit into the plans of God for the world and for redemption? As we look back at one of the covenants God made with Israel, we will see how it fits in to the whole story of Scripture, but also how it impacts our lives today.

A Second Look


Although the story of the resurrection is a very old one, we encourage you to take a second look. You may be surprised by what you find.

Good Friday


On Friday, March 25, 2016, all three campuses met at our CrossPoint Campus for a special Good Friday service.