As we continue our Spotlight Series, "Faith In The Storm", we take a look at Katie Beck, a volunteer in out King's World ministry at the CrossPoint Campus. Katie is a full-time teacher, and a mother to three children, ages 8, 8 and 12. She, like many, has been thrust into the role of homeschool teacher, on top of full-time parent. 

"For us, I'm in a little different situation because I'm a teacher. Doing what I did in the classroom versus what we do at home is a little different, but I probably have a slight advantage, given I was in the arena a little bit. But, I will say that homeschooling with what we've been given versus true homeschooling is very different."

Although there was still difficulty navigating the life of being a homeschool teacher, Katie said one of the biggest things that helped was keeping a schedule. "Some things that have helped us navigate this for sure is a schedule. When this all started, you were seeing on social media, every which way on how to organize your child's day, that's if you weren't working full-time, which most people are. So, we took that and tweaked it to what worked for us and have stuck to that ever since."

Although a schedule helped tremendously for how the day went, Katie came back to one thing that was still necessary in being able to navigate the difficulties that come in this season. "The other thing that we said from the beginning is that you need to give your kids grace through this. My oldest struggles with anxiety, so this rocked his world. You have nothing but time to sit with your thoughts, without having school or sports to distract you, so we needed to make sure that we could fill time with things that would keep him busy."

But, amidst all the uncertainty and craziness that this season of life has become, Katie has continued to cling to one thing. "It has been hard to deal with the uncertainty, but I keep coming back to what Paul said in 2 Corinthians, 'For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.' So, yes this is so uncertain, but this is just a blip. This is just a momentary, fleeting time in your child's education, in your life as a family, in your life with your school friends, sports, all of those things. Somehow, behind it all, God is weaving together something amazing. You may not even know what that is right now, especially with the loss of jobs, income, your child's routine with school, all the things we relied on, all of that was obliterated in March, and the only thing we have left to truly rely on is Christ."

As the weeks have gone on, Katie has started to recognize how Christ was using this season in her life. "I was probably, admittedly in the midst of being wrapped up in the busyness of life. What a smack in the face that this has been, not to rely on those things, but to rely on Christ."

Through that realization, Katie identified what has continued to be the solid foundation that her and her family have clinged to over the past few months. "There is a plan, we don't know it, but it's honestly been the best part for us. What we keep coming back to, and what we are trying to teach our kids, is that you're not going to get your own way. Especially in this situation, we know you want to be with your friends, we know you want to be back at school. It has been challenging to try to keep up with my school stuff, on top of what I'm doing at home, but we recognize that God has put all different gifts in my kid's lives. I know that in my own classroom, I have 23 kids and they are all very different, so what makes me think it's going to go seamless at my own home. Accepting that they're all different, and made beautifully in His own image, they are learning some amazing life lessons through this and for that I'm really grateful. This is time that I wouldn't have with my children and it's time that I can pour some things into them that we want to make sure we're instilling in them. Some of us that send kid's to public school wouldn't necessarily have the chance to, and now...Here's that chance."

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